Website Design & Development

Website Design

Every business, irrespective of size, stature or industry, requires eye-catching, engaging website design to create a great first impression on its users. It is a well-designed website that leads to repeat visitors and attract new prospects.

Website Development

We ensure that the market risks and technical intricacies are accounted for during the website development process. From matching to your core concept, picking up the right technology, reducing unnecessary costs, front-end, back-end development, to automated/manual QA, we establish robust solutions while reducing the time-to-market.


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Our four step web design & development process is as follows:

Research & Development

We conduct a detailed study of the company brand, competition, geographical location, industry, basic research of important keywords and brand positioning to get the best possible results.

Feedback & Discussions

We keep constant touch with the client, working on immediate feedback to cut down on rework and align the website with the client’s vision in the best and most time-saving manner.

Design & Development

We create modern website designs and compelling content, based on inputs gathered from the client. We add tools, innovations and add-ons as per the client’s specific instructions.

Launch & Maintenance

A prototype website is sent to the client for approval and if necessary, further changes. Marigold Tech also provides long-term, economical maintenance services to ensure your website’s enduring appeal among its users.

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