Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Site


A common question a business owner often finds asking himself is ‘should I build an app or a mobile-friendly site?’ While an app does have its use, not all business have the requirement. With the way users are consuming data on their smartphones, however, having a mobile friendly site is of paramount importance. While catering to your user’s needs is important you should also keep in mind the importance of the search ranking factors of Google and other major search engines. Here are 5 main reasons you definitely need a mobile friendly site.


5 Reasons Mobile Friendly Site Is A Must

Makes A Larger Audience Available To Your Business

We’re always on the go sometimes for work, sometimes for pleasure. While we might not always have a desktop or laptop handy, very few people leave their homes without their cellphones. Ensuring that your business website is mobile friendly ensures that it is easily accessible by a large number of people easily. Not having a mobile-friendly site can actually push your customers away to your competitors. A mobile responsive design is also user-friendly to a large extent.

Improved User Experience

Have you ever noticed how some websites look beautiful when viewed on the desktop but their mobile versions are quite cringe-worthy? It’s because they’ve not been properly optimized for smartphones. You have to scroll endlessly to the left and right just to be able to read the content properly. The menu buttons are squeezed together so you’re not able to make the right selection. It’s a hot mess. Getting your website mobile responsive for multiple devices eradicates all of these issues and ensure a better user experience even on cellphones.

For Cost Effectiveness

Before responsive website architecture was made available business owner had to build several versions of their web pages to suit different screen sizes. Each added to the cost of their website.  No longer do you have to suffer with additional pages as a mobile-friendly site would automatically adjust to the right screen size. All you need a professional and affordable web design and development agency in Toronto who will be able to build a responsive website as per your needs.

Sales Increase

Having a mobile-friendly site tends to increase your sales numbers. How? By allowing more people to access your website and shop from their phones. In 2013 almost 10% of all online sales were made on cell phones, in 2015 that number more than doubled. This trend has continued for several years where now it seems almost 1 in three online purchases are made from the phone. If your website is not compatible with smartphone devices you’re just pushing your customers away. Make the smart move like most of your competitors have already done. Move to a responsive setup for your website.

Improved Ranking On Search Pages

Almost 90% of the people will not look beyond the first page (or even the first few listings) on a search page. Which is why businesses work so hard on their SEO to boost their rankings. Having a mobile responsive website helps with this aspect as well. It works in two ways. One, Googles algorithm considers websites that are mobile responsive to have a better quality than those that don’t. They automatically receive a slight boost. Two, websites that are mobile responsive receive more traffic from smartphones and users tend to stay on these sites longer. Click through rates and page on time are also relevant factors when it comes to deciding search engine rankings.


Whether you decide to build an app for your business is up to you. What we can say is that if your site is not mobile friendly then you alone will have to suffer the consequences. If you’re looking for an affordable web design and development agency in Toronto, please do get in touch.

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