Protecting Your Website Against Hackers – 6 Best Tips


Even small websites need to protect themselves from hackers. You might not have valuable information today but that does not mean that you won’t ever. Website security is especially crucial if you’re working with customer data. Even more so, if you have any sort of financial records on record. Even if they’re not after your data they could be using your web site’s server to transmit data of a malicious nature which would negatively impact your website itself. Maybe you don’t have any data online, but a ransomware bug could impact your offline activities as well, couldn’t they? Here are some tips to improve your website security. Something that a reliable web development agency will always keep an eye out for.

9 Tips To Improve Your Website Security

1. Using HTTPS

Adding a secure socket layer to your website goes a long way towards improving your site’s security. It helps by providing a secure connection between servers that want to communicate with each other without letting a third party interfering.  Buying an https certificate for your website isn’t as expensive as it once used to be. You can find plenty of good deals online so you shouldn’t have an excuse for not doing so.

2. Prohibiting File Uploads

You should try and avoid your users from uploading files onto your site. It may be unavoidable at times, in which case you need to take extra precautions. In case you can avoid it, do so. Even an innocent looking file can contain a script that could harm your website. Especially if it is able to breach your server.

3. Constantly Update Your Software

Keep a constant check on your software updates. From time to time software companies are made aware of, or realize a loophole in their security measures. To close out any loopholes they update the code on their software. These are presented to you as updates which is why you should try and keep all your software as up to date as possible.

4. Preventing SQL Injections

SQL injections allow hackers to write additional code to your website to run additional tasks. It can be quite simple for a hacker to pull off if the code isn’t well written on the website in the first place. MarigoldTech is one of the best web design and development companies in Toronto. When you get a website built from us, you know it has all these tips already embedded into the web development.

5. Less Is More In Error Messages

Hackers will try a variety of methods to gain access to your website. A clever way they try and do this is to try and create errors on purpose. The error message that is displayed gives them an idea of the vulnerabilities in your website which they can target. Providing very little information in error messages is the way to go in this regard. They can’t work with the information they don’t have.

6. Use Complex Passwords

This one may seem obvious enough but the number of times the password “Password123” is victim to hacking is just unbelievable. There are even sites and software particularly dedicated to creating hard to crack passwords. This has nothing to do with web development, just due diligence at the website owners end, it’s still a good point to note though.


Ensuring you’re on top of your game is the best to ensure your website remains secure. Follow these expert tips to stay clear of any hacking possibilities. If you need an affordable web development company in Toronto give us a call and we’ll be glad to work towards making the best, most secure website for your business.

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