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UX Tips To Boost The SEO Results - Marigold

Past a few years back, a ranking of the website in the SERP’s (search engine ranking pages) was pretty much easily that too only with the help of keywords through SEO. But in today’s time, the ranking is not only depending on the keywords, but it has also raised its bar and included user experience into its list as an important factor. Both SEO and UI go hand in hand to get the best place in the SERP’s in the current scenario. Here is few changes list which would help to boost the SEO results.

Content – In SEO content is considered to be the King, for the ranking. Similarly, it goes with UI, even though if you have a good quality content but the UI is not good, then that content has left with no importance. The look matters to keep the user engaged into the website and go through the content which is surely going to be helpful in the dwelling time on the website.

Functionality – There should be a proper flow of the content when it’s being displayed to the user. Every step or flow of the content should be logical so that the users don’t feel left in between. Also, its observed that easy navigation tend user to visit multiple pages during a single visit and also increases the chance of revisiting.

Compatibility – When any web page is designed, it’s being tested to have the right display. But when the same webpage is opened up in any other devices, sometimes the placement mismatches. To avoid such situations the layout should be different for both the devices i.e., desktop and mobile view.

Website Speed – It is obvious that media-rich content always attracts the user to it. It can be any of the forms like images, videos, infographics etc. But involving those media surely increases the loading speed of the webpage and eventually the website. Optimizing the media is the solution to overcome the problem. Whereas, proper placement matter in terms of UI.

Redesigning – Users and search engine gives importance to the websites which are constantly updated. Redesigning the website not only engage the users to revisit the site but also you can do the split testing of the UX which are preferred by the audience.

These were few of the tips which would enhance the SEO by using the UX tips to your website. For the best of the SEO and UI professional services, visit the Marigold website.

Do share the tips in the comment section and elongate the list.

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