Top 8 Mobile Application Development Trends For 2018

Top Mobile App Development Trends For 2018

Mobile app development is gaining pace faster than web development. Trends are here today gone tomorrow with new technologies being invented to supplement our needs. It’s getting harder and harder for companies to stay competitive and create a niche for themselves. In such a competitive scenario it’s imperative to hire a competent mobile application development agency in Toronto if that is not your core competency. With that in mind, we’re going to look at the top mobile app development trends for 2018.

Mobile App Development Trends For 2018

1. Augmented Reality

It’s time to get on board the AR train. Augmented reality has really taken the world by storm after being popularized by the Pokemon Go game. Several other exciting games have been released since then but the applications of AR are vast and go beyond simple gaming. Retails stores, online shopping and plenty of other applications can and have been built incorporating augmented reality.

2. Wearables

Since the release of the Apple Watch 3, even Google has decided to take part in the wearable game with the revival of the Google watch and wear OS. Wearable apps are going to see a huge jump in popularity in the coming years with the two most popular companies getting behind them. Wearable devices also provide users with easy access to their data and fitness apps have been a huge boost for this business.

3. Instant Apps

Google is trying to change the way we use apps with Google wanting users to be able to use apps without downloading them. Google actually announced this ‘service’ back in 2016, but the gears are finally turning now. Users can try the app in the play store and download it if they feel like it meets their requirement. Apps like periscope and Buzzfeed have been leading the line with this tech and it won’t be long till other companies follow suit.

4. Internet Of Things

With a boom in IOT tech, IoT apps are are taking off in a big way and app developers need to pay attention. Mobile application developers really need to focus on getting their getting their apps ready for IoT devices. IoT devices are going to be increasing in popularity and app developers need to be ready to manage these devices.

5. Chatbots

Chatbots are the app developer’s new best friend. Artificial intelligence has helped businesses become more efficient. Instead of employees handling the run of the mill questions posed by potential customers, chatbots now handle their queries.

6. Cloud Computing

The rise in cloud computing has ensured that mobile applications are able to do more with less. Using the power of the cloud, apps are now able to store more data and use the power of the cloud to process heavier loads providing more powerful apps for all to use.

7. Mobile Payments

Several countries are leading the way in mobile payments. They’re trying to get rid of cash as a currency altogether. Even Google has taken a stand with the introduction of its mobile payments apps. Whatsapp, probably the worlds largest chat application has also integrated the mobile payments system. Payments through apps is an excellent trend that seems to be catching on.

8. Security

Most companies are now letting their employees bring their own devices to the workplace. Personal mobile devices will compromise enterprise apps since security is usually lax on those devices. Mobile security is a huge market for apps and many app developers are totally getting into it.

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