Why Do Small Businesses Need A WordPress Website?

Why your business needs a WordPress website

As a business owner, you must have considered getting a website up and running to promote your product or services. A website is one of the most important facets of your digital presence. Apart from your socials, your website represents all your business does online. It forms a gateway for your prospective customers to get to know you. Which is why it is so important for you to make a good first impression when you’re building a website. A WordPress website is a great way to build an affordable yet exciting website for small businesses.

Why Build WordPress Websites For Small Businesses?

Here are 5 top reasons your small business should consider building a WordPress website.

1) Affordable and Efficient

WordPress provides a free platform for web developers and web designers in Toronto to showcase their skills. While you could pay to host your website on WordPress technically you can still make a website completely for free. This provides small businesses with ample opportunities to make a stellar platform to showcase their products and services. Hiring a team of professional web developers and designers to build you a WordPress website can be quite economical as well.

2) Easy To Use

While you can get web designers and developers to build your website for you, you can always learn to do it yourself. Even after the website has been designed as per your need (WordPress is very customizable), you can maintain the website yourself with a few tips from the net.

You may not even need to hire developers for your website, the WordPress suite is so simple to use that you can watch tutorials online and build a website for yourself. We do recommend hiring a professions web design and development agency in Toronto but the choice is totally up to you.

3) SEO Friendly

We’ve all heard about how important search engine optimization is for your website. WordPress websites help small business by providing SEO friendly themes and plug-ins which makes ranking your website on search engines faster. The WordPress website code is itself streamlined to be faster and easier to read for search engines. Small Businesses should definitely consider building a WordPress website.

4) Free Extra’s For WordPress Websites

As I mentioned before WordPress is highly customizable. This is thanks to the many themes that are available for free on WordPress. Themes are like skins your website can wear to make its appearance different from the millions of websites already in existence. Apart from free themes WordPress also has a whole host of plug-in developers.

Plug-ins are like special tools for your website which make it easier for you to perform tasks on your website. There are plug-ins to help with SEO, email plug-ins, plug-ins to make gathering contacts easier.

5) Safety Features In Your WordPress Website

WordPress as a platform is quite safe for your website. Even if you are running an online e-commerce platform you can use WordPress without any worries. WordPress websites are also ssl friendly. This allows you to add an additional layer of security to an already secure website.

There are also additional plug-ins you can install for your website which can enhance the security features.

While small businesses need to have an online presence they cannot always afford to spend tens and thousands of dollars building a website. With the customization that WordPress allows, it provides a great platform for businesses to create magnificent websites. Hiring the best WordPress website design and development agency like can definitely give you a boost in your website build. If you need more information on our services, or a free web design consultation get in touch today.

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