What SEO Risks Are Not Worth Taking


It can be quite infuriating sometimes to explain to your client the worth of a good SEO strategy. The only thing the client is focused on is results and they all want them yesterday. In most cases, haste makes waste and SEO is one such field where careful planning is paramount. Due to pressure from clients sometimes your digital marketing team might be committing some SEO Risks which will truly cause more harm to your site in the long run. There are some SEO risks in your digital marketing strategy you should definitely avoid.

SEO Risks To Avoid In Your Strategy Planning

Neutral Backlinks – What Should You Do?

Of course, it is awesome to have backlinks coming into your website on a regular basis. The better the backlink the higher your potential for an improved rank on search pages. But not all backlinks will be the ones you need. Some could be from downright malicious sources. Some from neutral sources. You will have to do something about the bad backlinks, but what about the neutral ones?

Disallowing neutral backlinks is actually a bad plan. Google understand that websites sometimes may not have control over their links, which is why in the Penguin update they managed the penalties for bad backlinks. However, disallowing neutral backlinks, ones that could still provide you relevant traffic would be a waste of your time.

Exact Match Keywords In Anchors

Another risk SEO’s take is to continue to use exact match and action-oriented keyword in their anchor texts. LSI keywords were drafter for a reason and you should know how to use them. Instead of using exact match try and using long tail keywords rather than single words. While doing it every now and then could be good for your website, overdo it and you’ll be punished.

Writing Thin Content

Google’s main concern is providing the right kind of answers to its audience. It doesn’t care where the answers come from. Many SEO’s try to complete many website pages and blogs by writing thin content which barely scratches the surface of the topic. This isn’t really helpful to Google’s audience. Do you think they’ll position your website at the top of their search rankings?

Making Small Changes To Content For SEO Benefit

Usually, Google likes it when you’ve updated your content or publish content on a regular basis. However, creating too many small changes in your website content, too frequently, just for the SEO benefit isn’t wise. Google will see through what you’re trying to do and you’ll face a penalty for the same.

But it’s not just Google you have to worry about. Making these small unnecessary changes to the website content and structure can be confusing to the site visitors as well. Make the changes too frequently and you’ll soon find that no one wants to visit your site. It would be a double blow to your hopes of making money via your website.


While there are some risks that you should definitely take while working on your SEO strategy the ones we’ve mentioned above are a serious no-go. We’ll discuss the SEO risks to be taken in our next blog. Knowing what SEO strategies work where is what makes MarigoldTech one of the most sought-after SEO companies in Toronto.

If you’re looking for an SEO agency in Toronto for your business, who knows how to get the job done, get in touch with us today.

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