SEO Checklist for Start Ups

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For any startup company, the most crucial part is the Website. Not only the website but a well functioned, compatible and user as well as search engines friendly one. Here comes the need of the SEO knowledge in the picture for the ranking of the site in the Search engine ranking pages.

It’s a common issue for any startup to afford an SEO specialist at the very starting level of the business. For this Marigold is here to provide you a very basic SEO checklist which is surely going to give a stability to your website in the initial times of your business.

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google to track the various aspects of the users which visit your website. This tool offers you every detail about the user like the real-time, source, location, devices, user flow and plenty of things. With the results of the Analytics report, you can categorize the visitors. You can detect the web pages which may have errors or have broken links with the help of user flow.

  1. Google Search Console

This tool is also being used for analysis like the Google Analytics one but in a different manner. Google Analytics gives the details about the users which have visited your website whereas, Search Console helps to track the details about the crawlers. Crawler is small programs run by the search engine to collect the data from the website and store them into the database of the search engine. With the help of this tool, you could analyze the webpage which may have difficulties to load, keywords used by visitors, performance, mobile usability etc.

  1. Sitemaps

Sitemaps are like the index of your website which includes the URL’s overall from the site. According to the SEO perspective sitemaps plays a vital role in indexing of the web pages during ranking. More the number web pages are indexed by the search engine crawlers the greater chances of ranking in the first page. Sitemaps come in two forms HTML and XML. HTML sitemaps are within the website which are for users whereas, XML sitemap is specially designed for the crawlers with an intention of indexing.

  1. Website Speed

This decade is known for the speed, so why do websites be slow. The website which takes time to load is also not considered by Google in ranking. There are multiple things in the website which tend to increase the loading time of the website and makes it slow. Few things like compressing the image size, minify the use of CSS and Javascript, implementing a content distribution network (CDN’s) and many more things will reduce the size of the web pages.

  1. URL

One of the ranking factors of Google includes the clean and simple URL form. The URL should not have any special characters, long title, only numeric etc. to be qualified in the Google’s criteria. The main advantage of using the brand name as a keyword will help a lot in ranking and also creates the brand awareness easily.

Do follow this simple tip and get stability on your brand-new website in terms of SEO. Also, do share your tips and tricks with us in the comment section.


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