Latest Web Development Trends Of 2018

Web Development Trends of 2018 in Toronto

Trends just like in fashion are here one day and gone the next. Technology is growing at such a rapid pace that web development methodologies that were popular just a few years ago seem passe now. Also with people getting access to faster internet speed, and each wanting a unique experience from their browsing web development methods cannot stay in a state of dormancy. With that in mind, we look at the latest web development trends of 2018 that seem to be ruling the keyboards.

Latest Web Development Trends Of 2018

Web development trends in Canada are following the same patterns as those all over the world. These are the global standards of website development trends.

1. Motion UI

The best-received design trends that popular websites follow are simple and minimalistic on the surface but carry a whole lot of punch inside. The Motion UI interface will let users interact with design elements on the screen in a way which could not have been perceived a few years ago. Touch appliances are going to lead the way and web developers are gearing up for the change.

2. Blockchain

While bitcoin and blockchain may seem synonymous, one is a technology while the other is an application of the technology. Ever since Bitcoin exploded at the beginning of 2017, people have been finding innovative ways to make blockchain tech a part of their industry. All the way from banking, food to farming. Blockchain has captured the imagination of all. While the fruits of the labour are yet to be discovered in all their glory, the work is on-going.

3. Augmented Reality

Pokemon Go was the first game to truly capitalize on augmented reality and popularize it with the masses. The scope of AR goes way beyond gaming though as several industries including, shopping, retail, social media are looking for ways to muscle in on the hidden loot that AR promises to be. Web developers have their work cut out for them but what little we see now on the AR front seems really promising and could lead to an exciting future for web development and more.

4. Artificial Intelligence

If you thought AI was bad before, it has become an even more popular phrase to throw around these days. Chatbots have grown in popularity and are able to hold complex chats with clients on your website. More than 40% of websites in Canada are already using some form of chatbot to reduce the strain on their employees. You could be seeing a lot more of the AI chatbots in the future and they won’t be as distinguishable from humans either.

5. Javascript

While this might be the oldest technology on this list, it has evolved so much since it’s first iteration that it looks almost as good as new. While there is a heated debate among the intellectuals about which of the two (react or angular) is better, the progress of Javascript continues. There has also been several additions to the libraries with the inclusion of node.js, vue.js and more. We don’t ever see the trend of Javascript coming to an end because it is after all synonymous with the web. Not unless something drastic happens that even, we could not foresee.

6. Virtual Reality

More than AR we’re really excited about virtual reality. Getting elements from the web interface is okay, but actually entering the world and exploring it just brings about a whole other level of wow! The technology is there, but the hardware has not caught up to the experiences but companies like Hololens are working hard behind the scenes to get things to lift off . We hope soon.

What do you think about the latest web development trends in 2018? Does it make sense that all these trends would be catching on? Which of these trends do you expect to last and which do you think will fade? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to know your thoughts.

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