Increase Your Conversion Rate With These 7 Landing Page Tips


The conversion rate for any of the website depends upon the landing page experience of the user. Optimizing the landing page has increased the leads ratio for more than 7 times to the company. Even though you have fulfilled all the criteria of the landing page, that does not guarantee to yield the high conversion rate. The result varies depending upon the industry, type and the trends going on around the globe.
Here are a few tips to optimize the landing page which could improve the conversion rate of the website and eventually the leads and revenue.

1. Set Your Goal – Everyone has a defined goal set in their minds while designing a campaign. But during the process of setting it, the goal gets neglected. Try to focus on one specific goal during a single campaign instead of multiples. Also, let the user be focused on one single goal completion in a single landing page, this increases the chances of getting more conversion.

2. Self-Explanatory Headlines – Users are mostly attracted by the headline of the landing page, compared to the content below. Try to keep simple and clean headlines which specify the single motive of the page.

3. User Experience – There are certain things like color, size, text, and flow which matters the conversion ratio of the user. Choose the color of the landing page which is used a trustworthy feel and does not scare them. The size of the buttons used should match the text and suit the form used. Bright or contrast colors on the button attract the user to fill in the details. The flow of the text is very essential so that users should not be felt lost during the conversion process.

4. Media – The media on any landing pages tends the user to stay on the page for the longest time which reduces the bounce rate for the website. The right image proved to be sufficient and give the feel to the user that they are on the right page. There is a specific video which explains the company’s product or services are called self-explanatory video which definitely increases the dwelling time on the site, resulting in higher chances of conversion.

5. Optimize Forms – Once you have brought the users to the landing page, the most important segment is the form. Always choose a form which is clear enough to mention the necessary details required of the users. Keep the form minimal and simple, so that the user doesn’t feel like a task.

6. Show What You Have – Every business has unique features and that need to be displayed to the users which stands you out from the competitors. Highlight the words which are also called as a value proposition, which shows your value. Also know your audience well and get to know what they want and use them.

7. Loading Time – Once you are done with all the quality checks and all the criteria’s checked, the last and most important point is the loading time. Maximum of the users leave the website due the higher loading time of the landing page. Constantly test the page and try to improve the speed of the page.

Here are some of the essential points in the checklist, improving the landing page experience of the users and converting them into leads for the business.

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