Importance Of Web Design To Digital Marketing


How Your Website Design Matters For Digital Marketing

Your website forms the first impression of your virtual home for your customer. How he sees your website leaves a lasting impression on how he sees your business as a whole. There are a lot of businesses that don’t do well solely because they lack that modern touch to their website. Here are a few ways your website is important to digital marketing.

Why Your Website Design Matters To Digital Marketing

When reviewing your website you will do well to keep these 5 factors in mind

1. Conversion Rate

If your business primarily runs online your website coupled with the digital marketing aspects of your business highly impact your conversion rate. If you’re regularly getting a good response on social media, but see that your conversions are not going through as they’re supposed to be, maybe the landing page or the website itself is not living up to the customer’s expectations.

2. First Impressions

Remember that your website could be the first interaction your customers have with your business. And you don’t get another opportunity at a first impression. You have to make it count and your website goes a long way in doing that for you. Design it keeping in mind your customer base and you’ll do much better online that you would otherwise.

3. SEO

Depending on how well your website has been built you could be getting a huge boost to your search engine optimization efforts online. For your customers to visit your site you need to be able to rank well on Google and other popular search engines. Get in touch with an agency that designs and develops websites for better SEO – MarigoldTech. You need fast loading speeds, intuitive website architecture, logical URL naming, and more to be really user-friendly.

4. User Experience

Another crucial aspect of digital marketing is user experience which your customers experience most thoroughly on your website. Providing a good user experience is half the battle when it comes to satisfying the client. It’s half the battle won already in a very competitive landscape. The more appealing your website the more users would like to stay on it. The better the flow of the pages, and information the more time they’ll spend browsing the pages.

5. Analytics

One of the most important reasons your website is crucial to digital marketing is because it’s the source of all the analytics data for you. If you’ve correctly set up your Google Search Console and Google Analytics you’ll see a ton of information on the websites that will help you better plan for the future. Which advertising sources work best for you, where is your audience coming from, the devices they use, all this information can be extremely useful while planning your content, social, and search engine marketing strategy.


It isn’t always easy to something very obvious but once the thing has been pointed out to you it’s hard to not notice. While we’ve clearly laid down the importance of the website to digital marketing it isn’t always easy to handle on as a business by yourself. You need to get in touch with an affordable digital marketing agency in Toronto who can help you not only design and development and digital marketing-friendly website, but also take care of all the marketing efforts in a cost-effective way with high ROI. If you’d like to know more about our services, please do get in touch.

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