How To Use SEM Analysis To Boost Your Organic Traffic

How SEM Analysis Reports Can Boost Organic Growth

Too many times we’ve witnessed different departments in companies not communicating with each other. This is inefficient as well as a loss-making endeavor. Even small digital marketing agencies have their SEM and SEO teams not cooperating for the best outcome. When you’re in constant communication with each other, you’ll see how using data about keywords from your SEM analysis reports can help you improve your organic traffic over a period of time.


SEM Analysis and Reports

It’s surprising even though they share common goals the two departments are so disconnected from each other. Here are the SEM reports you can share with your SEO team to help build more organic traffic for your company/client website.

  • Search Term Report

Since revenue generating keywords are no longer displayed by Google and Google Analytics, SEO specialist in your team has to rely more on guesswork than knowledge. That doesn’t have to be the case though. If you are also running an Adwords campaign the data could be really useful for the SEO team. They’ll have the exact figures for the keywords that resulted in the most sales, and the best performing keyword can be implemented in their on-page content strategy. Run a search term report on your Adwords account and include data such as clicks, impressions, conversions, and conversion rate. Download the data, share it with your SEO team and see the organic traffic grow. Growth in organic traffic means more sales, more profit. Don’t think your job as an SEM analyst will ever go away. As we’ve mentioned before all aspects of Digital Marketing when working in combination are relevant to the organization.

  • SEO vs PPC

If you have a client who does not believe in the SEO process, the simplest way to make him a believer is to show him the monetary benefits. SEO takes time which your client might not have the patience for. Run a small PPC campaign for him. In the SEM Analysis show the monetary benefits your client can get by having their page on the top of SERPs rather than spending money on spends. This report is also fairly easy to obtain and any SEM worth his salt will be able to provide you the details of conversions from top priority keywords. When you have the right data convincing the client about a service should not be difficult. What’s important when you speak to the client is that you have the right SEM analysis report and the correct answers to his questions.

  • Ad Performance

Multivariate A/B testing for SEO takes longer than necessary due to the delay Google takes in updating its own data. Why wait when you have the data with the SEM team all along. SEM executives will be working on short timelines with multiple ad formats to see which ad brings the best conversion rates. Translate the conversion rates as click-through rates for your SEO content. The debate is still strong about whether higher CTR leads to a boost in rankings (we definitely believe it does). Higher CTR means more visitors. Which is what your aim as a company should be.



Business must focus on better coordination between their teams. It should not be a competition on which team brings in the most sales. It should be about how teams worked together to improve the profitability of the organization. No roles are at risk when departments work together. In fact, there will be additional tasks to do and more work to collaborate on. This was just a tiny example of how two teams, using SEM analysis and SEO, working side by side can help improve the productivity of the business. What can you do with your organization to help further the cause?

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