How To Improve Your Landing Page Conversions?


Your entire business is dependant on how many of your site visitors convert to customers. It’s essential you pay attention to your landing page conversions and find strategies to improve them. We’ve listed our a list of amazing tips to help you do just that. If you haven’t already, we suggest you make these changes to your website landing pages and see how they positively impact your conversion rates.

Tips To Improve Your Landing Page Conversions

Consistency Across The Website

One of the most important aspects that customers look for from their potential partners is reliability. You need to be consistent in the information you’re providing to them. For instance price points, if Page A gives a certain price, you have to ensure the price is the same across all product pages and the landing page. Your customers won’t be too pleased if they see two different prices for the same product.

Think From The Customers Perspective

When designing a website or a landing page your focus should be the customer. Your research should tell you the kind of design they’d appreciate. Stick to it. When you’ve made your landing page and you notice that it isn’t converting as you’d like it to make small changes to see what works and what doesn’t. You want to make incremental changes because of the few customers that do convert. You don’t want to throw them in a loop by completely switching over your landing page design so that it becomes so unfamiliar they resent it immediately.

Highlight The Call To Action

One common mistake many websites make, they put too much information on their landing pages. You don’t want your landing pages to be cluttered. Your customer should immediately know why he’s there and what he needs to do. Highlight the call to action button. It needs to be the major focus of your landing page.

Split Testing

Another great way to improve your landing page conversion rate is by continually doing A/B testing for your site. You’ll need a reference page though. Something you know performs well but can do better. Keep making changes to the landing page copy, the CTA button, the CTA text, in small steps and compare how it does with the standard page. The changes that work can then be included in the standard landing page.

Reduce Information Needed

No one likes filling forms. Whether it’s online or offline. When you ask your customer for too much information on the landing page it puts them off. They’ll be clicking on the big ‘X’ before you can say stop. Keep the most basic of requirements in the fields. For a subscription page, we usually only ask for the user’s name and email id. That all the information you need. Similarly, you will have to decide what is the least amount of information you can take from the user while still meeting your requirements.

Create Urgency

One of the most resourceful suggestions is to create a sense of urgency in the users. Have you ever seen a shopping page which displays 15 items in stock? You’ll rarely see that because it provides the shopper with the mindset that they still have time and they can make the purchase later. Having only 1 or 2 items in stock creates a sense of urgency that compels them into taking action. You’ll see more and more websites now using this strategy to improve their landing page conversion rate.


Ideally, you should be applying all of these strategies to your landing pages immediately. If you’d prefer to go the incremental route that’s fine too. Let us know how these tips and tricks helped you improve your landing page conversions because we’re sure that they will. If you know any more ideas for improving the conversion rate of landing pages, please let us know in the comments below.

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