Saying Hello! To Gutenburg. The New WordPress Editor


Becoming the worlds most popular website builder is not an easy task. Staying at the number one spot is even harder. That’s exactly what WordPress has done by continually updating their system on a regular basis and giving their users what they want. WordPress has now recognized the requirement for a richer editing experience for their clients. And they’ve provided a solution. The new Gutenberg editor for WordPress. The Gutenberg editor plans to bring it a new exciting editing experience for your WordPress website built for media-rich pages.

Features Of Gutenberg Editor For WordPress

1. Building Blocks

The community has spoken and WordPress has delivered. There were plenty of plugins available on WordPress that made it more convenient for you to build your web pages. WordPress saw this as an opportunity to act and introduce it’s on page builder. The foundation of the Gutenberg editor is the blocks that let you easily build the type of page you want. Blocks make it easier to design the layout of the page, insert content, images, media without the need to code.

2. Inserting Media

As part of the block system, you’ll find it easier to enter media in your posts and customize the content without having too much technical knowledge about the build process. Audio, Images, Videos, and Audio are all accessible from within the blocks itself without having to move to a different page like you have to do now.

3. Custom Code

While WordPress has made it simpler for novices to write content for their blogs it has not forgotten about the hardcore developers. Apart from having the ease of blocks, WordPress has also enabled entering codes into them for a more customized web building experience.

Overall this is a fantastic addition to an already excellent website building process in our opinion.

Technology Used In The Gutenberg WordPress Editor

The new Gutenberg WordPress editor was built on the strong foundation of Github using the WordPress REST API. They also used Javascript and React in their editor building process. The whole system is so intuitive and only using these technologies could have made it so. It has brought about a modernization of the entire page building experience which can only be a good thing for WordPress.

Availability Of The Gutenberg in WordPress

Right now WordPress is in a state of transition and they’ve maintained their old capabilities with the new ones. As pf now they have provided Gutenberg as a plugin where people can try and work out how it works, to provide improvement suggestions and the like. The plan is to integrate Gutenberg into WordPress 5.0 which will probably release sometime at the end of the year or early next year.

Final Thoughts About Gutenberg

While a major focus of the article was about the editing aspect of Gutenberg it would be a crime for us to think of it as only an editor for WordPress. The scope of the project is much larger than that. You should think of it as a fundamental shift in how websites in the future will be built. The foundation of blocks will provide a great stepping stone for future website builder to build with ease. If you haven’t already done so we recommend you install the Gutenberg plug in and play with it. It is the future and one that you’re going to have to get used to soon.

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