Steps To Help You Fix A Broken WordPress Website


Working on a brand new website can be quite a daunting task. Especially if you have to work on hundreds of lines of code yourself. But now that you have the responsibility of working on your client’s website, you better be prepared to get your head down and work. Instead of jumping right into the action though take some time to think through the problem. Here are some excellent tips to help you to not only diagnose and fix a broken WordPress website.

Stellar Tips To Fix A Broken WordPress Website

Create A Back-Up

Never begin work on a website without first creating a back-up of the existing data. No matter how irrelevant the data may seem now there will come a time when you wish you had it. Also if you are working on updating the code, some changes you make might end up breaking the website. You wouldn’t want that at all. If you have a data back up you will be able to restore your website as good as new within a few minutes.

If you are working on a WordPress website there are several plugins that can help with the creating and manage your database. There are also several plugins that help create automatic back-ups at regular intervals so you don’t have to worry about the issue yourself.

Use Staging Sites

There is always a threat to your business when your website is in development or redevelopment mode. All the changing you are making to the website will confuse people and make them shop elsewhere. To prevent that from happening you can choose hosting services that provide you with a staging/development site service. You can keep making changes to your site in the backend and even try to see what they will look like without affecting what your customers will see.

It will let you keep making changes, trying new designs without really affecting how your customers view the website.

Health Check

Working on WordPress websites also gives you the advantage of working with several plugins to help fix your broken website. A plugin such as Health check keeps you up to date with all the relevant information about the website. If you’ve not built the previous website you might not have all the relevant information that you need to help improve it up to the clients standards. Using a plugin like health check will definitely give you all the relevant information and more.

PlugIn Audit

While you install plugins that will help you in fixing a broken website, you also need to audit all the plugins that have already been installed. It so happens that often some plugins don’t work well with each other causing your site to continually break down.

Other times, the site could have a lot of unnecessary plugins that could cause the site to slow down or misbehave. The plugins that have been installed and are in active use should always be updated to the latest version.

Theme Audit

Custom themes can be a problem for your website. Custom themes mean custom code, and custom code is always problematic as you will have to check each line for issues. If you don’t need a custom theme then we would highly recommend that you use one of the many commercial themes already available on WordPress.

Website Monitoring

Once you’ve made all the relevant changes you still need to continue to monitor the website. Malware attacks, user behavior, other vulnerabilities are all concerns that you should be looking into. Website security is paramount, and without continuous monitoring, you won’t know about a problem until it’s too late.

We hope these steps help you resolve any issues with your website. If you are looking to build a website or have someone fix your broken WordPress website you can always get in touch with us. Apart from being a world class web design agency in Toronto, we’re also a web development agency, as well as a WordPress web development agency. We look forward to hearing from you.

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