5 Top Ways To Create A Clean Website Design


Trends come and go and with them, new methods of designing a website come into the limelight. One trend however that does not seem to fade is the trend of clean website design. We’ve seen a flat design, full image design, grid design, yet clean website design is still popular. It’s now more important than ever to have a clutter-free website design because more and more people are accessing even website through their cell phones. Even though screen sizes are getting bigger every day ensuring a clean design provides more user-friendliness.

5 Steps To Achieving A Clean Website Design Look

Colour Scheme

It may not seem important when designing a website but the color scheme you pick for your website will ultimately define how clear or cluttered it feels. With a slight change in the shade of the color or the slow transition to lighter or harsher shades can make all the difference when you’re looking at a website. If you only choose to use white and black as shades on your website it can give it a classy, elegant look that so many different websites try but fail to achieve. Choosing the right colors also give you the right contrast between the negative spaces on your website. Helps distinguish between different elements on your site. Which brings us neatly to the next clever way to rid your site of clutter negative spaces.

Negative Spaces

What is negative space? It’s the space around an object on your website. If you have one particularly important piece of content or a call to action button, one way to draw attention to it would be to use the negative space around it. there are other ways you can draw attention to your amazing content but negative spaces work best, especially when you’re looking for that clean website design. White spaces are also an important element to create breaks for the eyes. Not only does it provide a clean look, it also affords the website with a soothing effect on the eyes. A point to note is that white space does not necessarily mean it has to be white in color.

Good Layout

Another important element to keep in mind when trying to design a clean website is the layout of the content itself. Not just the written content, but the images and videos as well. While there is no thumb rule as such you can go by what pleases your eyes. What’s important to note is the consistency that you have to maintain throughout the website. A clutter free website does not mean disproportionately designed after all.


Another essential aspect of getting a clean website design is to minimize the content on your website. Most websites try to be the jack of all trades and stuff their websites to the brim. People don’t have the patience to look at all that information. It is better to be the best in one aspect than do mediocrely in all. Remove the elements from the website that are not absolutely necessary for the website to run smoothly. Focus on what you’re best at. If you want/need you can always add to your website in the future as and when your business scales up.

Improved Navigation

A clean website design does not mean it only looks good, its also easy to use. Navigation is also an important aspect of the website design element when you are looking for something clean. By maintaining a logical flow of pages, easy navigations tools and ease of access to the users you make their website surfing process simpler.

Using these top 5 strategies you can quite easily build a top-notch clutter-free clean website for yourself. If you are still facing difficulties in doing so you can always get in touch with one of the top website design companies in Toronto who will be more than willing to help you out in the process. If you have any questions about website design and web design, we’d be more than happy to answer them. Leave your questions in the comments below.

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