9 Tips For Android App Development

9 Tips For Android App Development

Android from Google is the biggest operating software for mobile phones in the world. There are millions of apps on the PlayStore not all of which are successful. What makes some apps different from others? In most cases, its their developers. Here are some vital Android app development tricks that you have to know.

7 Android App Development Secrets

1. Follow The Android Apps Development Guideline

Like with the iOS, Android too has specific guidelines that need to be followed for you to even be given a place in the crowded Playstore. The rules set by Google to make the apps more user friendly, better designed, and most of all secure for the consumers to use.

2. Know The Latest App Development Trends

Android app development trends are forever shifting. With new technologies being introduced, new development methodologies are being invented. Keeping up with the latest development trends can help you stay on the cutting edge and give your app the much needed uniqueness which will make people download it.

3. Compatibility

Androids strength can also become a weakness for app developers. Since the operating software is so popular, 80-90% of all phones use the OS. With a large number of phones comes the problem of compatibility. Your app should be compatible with a large number of phones if not all of them.

4. Focus On Performance

Some Android phone are built for the mass market. That means they don’t have the fastest RAM’s to handle all the computing your app may throw at it. While ensure your app is compatible with all phone, the compatibility should also extend to performance. Your users will appreciate a high performing app on all devices.

5. Focus On Customer Needs

One excellent tip that goes beyond Android App Development is you must always focus on your customers needs first. If you’ve been paying attention to a market and know what the customer wants build for them and they will download. If you are looking to be successful in the Playstore focusing on your user input is important.

6. Fix Your Bugs

No one likes a buggy app. Ensure stringent testing of your app before you release it. Even if your app has bugs, always make sure to roll out updates on a regular basis to smooth things out. Your customers will appreciate you.

7. Check Permission Requirements

One main reason people shy away from apps is because of the number of permissions required by most apps to run on the phone. Restrict the permissions required to a minimum. You don’t want to spook your app users unnecessarily for asking for permissions to things you don’t need. If you would need additional permissions it’s best to give your users an explanation as to why you need it. Try to be witty.

8. Use Android. Be Android

To know how to develop fantastic Android apps you first need to immerse yourself in the world on Android. Be a part of the Android community and seek help for the multiple forums that are available. The closer you are to being an Android fanboy the easier you’ll find to develop apps for the phones.

9. Take Part In OS Beta Tests

Android releases a new version of its operating system almost regularly. It allows app developers and some users access to the beta versions of the products. Be a part of the tests. Not only do you get a feel for what the new OS is going to be like, you can also draw ideas of how you can make use of the new features for your apps.

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