5 Tips To Boost Landing Page Conversion Rates

Improve Landing Page Conversions

.You can work away at getting the right keywords, selling the right ads to the customers. It will all mean nothing if your landing pages are not up to the mark. Landing pages are the final barrier between the customer and your business making a sale. At the end of the day isn’t that what it’s all about, how much money you make? Landing pages can be seen as the last marketing efforts to improve your sales figures and here’s how you improve landing page conversion rates.

5 Tactics To Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates

Focus On Your CTA

Possibly the most important aspect of your landing page has to be the CTA. While it’s “only a button”, there is a lot of science that is required to get the best out of your CTA button. You will have to do several tests to find out what combination of size, color, the font in the CTA, and actual content on the button work best for you. Here are some CTA tips that can help.

  • Colour: Ideally, CTA buttons should always have a contrasting color to the background.
  • Size: The CTA should be the first thing the customer notices on opening the page. Keeping that in mind, it shouldn’t be too big, or too small.
  • Content: The best messages are short and give a sense of urgency to the customer.

Provide An Offer

No matter where your audience has come from, they looking for the best deal possible. Landing pages are meant to specifically close a deal. They offer your users an area to make the final call about your product. Help them make the right decision of buying the product by providing them an incentive on the landing page to do so. Discounts, reward points to improve loyalty, free gifts for making purchases are all excellent ideas you can use to provide benefits to your customer.

Simplify Your Content

If you’re looking to improve your landing page conversion statistics the best thing you can do is to simplify your content. Don’t confuse your customers with workshop jargon. Make the content as easy to access as possible. Write in large clear fonts, and break up the content into smaller paragraphs if you have to. The less you say the better on the landing page as the focus of the customer should be on completing the landing page objective. That should be the goal of the content on the landing page. To help your customer complete the sale.

Importance Of The Headline

Statistics have shown that great headlines can improve the statistics of your conversion rate on the landing page even if the page itself is badly designed. Emotional triggers like humor, empathy when mixed with content generate the best results. The headline should be short and crisp. You should use the headline to bring focus to the product or service you’re selling. A headline should most definitely be attention grabbing from the start. If you have to be shocking, try that too as it works.

Design Aspects

While I’ve mentioned how a killer headline can take away the potential problems of bad design, it shouldn’t take away from the importance of design. Your design elements should be subtle enough to guide the customer’s eyes to what you want them to see. Use visual cues to draw customers attention to more important elements on the page. Tthe CTA, discount offers and more are all important elements that the customer should focus on. Also, remember that a consumer is more likely to purchase a product or service from a website that pleases his aesthetic senses.


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