5 Reasons You Need PPC Advertising As Part Of Your Online Marketing Campaign

5 Reasons You Need PPC Advertising

We’ve talked about online marketing and it’s different aspects. We’ve talked about why an SEO strategy would be integral to your business. But what about when you need sure fire quick results? Pay Per Click Advertising is the answer to your prayers. PPC advertising is a unique strategy which allows you to find the customers you need when they need you. In other words, it’s the fastest way of making sales for your business online. Here are 7 reasons, why you absolutely must use the services of a PPC agency and include PPC advertising as part of your online marketing campaign.

What Is PPC advertising?

As the name suggests, PPC advertising is a form of advertising that you need to pay for only when the user clicks on your ad. Pay per click campaigns are designed for companies that want to be more in control of their budget spends and see quicker results from their online marketing campaign.

5 Reasons To Use PPC Advertising

Budget Control In Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing lets you have greater control over your budget spends. Unlike search engine optimization, where you may work for several months and pour thousands of dollars while not seeing the results you imagined, PPC strategies work on a budget you specify and you can see quick results.

SEM Advertising Results Are Quick

Based on your budget and your keyword selection your ad can be placed on the top of the Google search results. Pay per click ad’s will instantly put your ad in front of tens of thousands of people. This could take you several months using SEO. Depending on the clarity of thought in your ad, the ad copy, the calls to action, you could see excellent results from your PPC campaign.

Pay Only For Ad-Clicks

Coming back to the financial aspects of things, for PPC ads, money will only be deducted from your ad account if a user clicks on the ad and goes to your landing page. Whether he purchases a product/service or not is a blog for another time. You only pay for customers actually interested in your product. The ROI on PPC campaigns can be great if done scientifically. We definitely recommend hiring the top PPC agency in Canada – MarigoldTech for your search engine marketing needs.

Targeted Ads

You can target your PPC ads with great precision. You get to decide which websites you would like to place your ad. Who you want to show it to. when you want to show it and for how long. With such precise targeting methods, you can easily get in front of customers that truly need solutions you provide. If you don’t like the way an ad is performing, change things up in an instant. Refresh your targeting criteria, pick a different demographic, write a better ad copy, have a different illustration and see how things work out.

PPC Helps Your SEO Strategy

SEO is seen as a long-term goal while SEM is a quick fix for consistent results. These digital marketing techniques work hand in hand. Using a scientific method of PPC can actually boost your SEO strategy. You can get additional information on your customer’s habits. This vital piece of information can be used to further provide a boost to your organic rankings.

While there are several reasons why you have to include SEM in your marketing plan, it can be difficult to pull off. Without the right know-how, you could be stumbling in the dark trying to find a way past the Google bidding page. We highly recommend you get in touch with the best PPC agency in Toronto to help you out. While the fee could be hefty, the benefits will overrule the downside. MarigoldTech is one of the premier PPC agency in Toronto. We have been doing some of our finest work in strategizing PPC campaigns for local businesses with great results. If you would like to know the work we do or want to know more about our services, get in touch today.

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